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Who We Are

"The CCC's multidisciplinary teams focus their activity on the patient, offering care of excellence based on the most advanced technological means. We do this in a personalised way, in an unrivalled environment and in the spirit of collaboration between basic and clinical research."

Clinical Director:

Prof. António Parreira

Medical Team (in alphabetical order):

Dra. Celeste Alves (Breast radiology)

Dr. João Anacleto (Reconstructive surgery)

Dra. Rosário André (Medical oncology)

Prof. Eduardo Barroso (Digestive surgery)

Dra. Alexandra Borges (Neuroradiology)

Dra. Sara Belião (Radiology)

Prof. António Lopez Beltran (Pathology)

Dra. Delfina Brito (Pathology)

Dra. Maria José Brito (Pathology)

Dr. Carlos Cordon-Cardo (Pathology)

Dra. Fátima Cardoso (Medical oncology)

Prof. Maria João Cardoso (Breast surgery)

Dr. Carlos Carvalho (Medical oncology)

Dra. Joana Castanheira (Nuclear medicine)

Prof. Sérgio Castedo (Genetics)

Dr. João Santos Coelho (Surgery)

Prof. J. Bernardo Barahona Corrêa (Neuropsychiatry)

Prof. Durval Costa (Nuclear medicine)

Prof. Jorge Cruz (Thoracic surgery)

Dr. José Filipe Cunha (Digestive surgery)

Dr. Paulo Fidalgo (Gastroenterology)

Prof. Nuno Figueiredo (Digestive surgery)

Dr. Jorge Fonseca (Urology)

Dra. Ana Mascarenhas Gaivão (Radiology)

Dr. Javier Gallego (Thoracic surgery)

Dr. Nuno Gil (Medical oncology)

Prof. Carlo Greco (Radiation oncology)

Dr. Sérgio Livraghi (Neurosurgery)

Dr. Luís Vasco Louro (Radiation oncology)

Doutor Paulo Lúcio (Hemathology)

Dr. Rui Lúcio (Urology)

Dr. Frederico Silveira Machado (Internal medicine)

Doutor Albino J. Oliveira-Maia (Neuropsychiatry)

Dra. Rita Canas Marques (Pathology)

Dr. Hugo Pinto Marques (Surgery)

Dr. Rogério Matos (Pulmonology)

Prof. Celso Matos (Radiology)

Dr. Carlos Mavioso (Reconstructive surgery)

Dra. Raquel Mega (Surgery)

Dr. Henrique Nabais (Gynaecology)

Dra. Carla Oliveira (Nuclear medicine)

Dr. Oriol Parés (Radiation oncology)

Dr. Jorge Paulino Pereira (Surgery)

Dr. Nuno Pimentel (Radiation oncology)

Dra. Ana Catarina Pinto (Medical oncology)

Dr. David Pinto (Breast surgery)

Dr. Luís Vieira Pinto (Gynaecology)

Dr. Jorge Rebola (Urology)

Dra. Joana Ribeiro (Medical oncology)

Prof. Mário Dinis Ribeiro (Gastroenterology)

Dr. Luís Rosa (Radiology)

Dra. Joana Ruivo (Neuroradiology)

Dra. Ana Paula Silvestre dos Santos (Anesthesiology)

Prof. Sara Matos Santos (Anesthesiology)

Dr. Joaquim Alves da Silva (Neuropsychiatry)

Dra. Berta Sousa (Medical oncology)

Dr. Nuno Vau (Medical Oncology)


“From the beginning, the nurses are the people on hand to provide the most support, care and contact to those receiving healthcare. In the age of technology, it falls to the nurse to offer the human touch and to be available to those in need. Health care relies on trust. In the Champalimaud Clinical Centre, nursing is synonymous with confidence. Knowledge is one of the keys to offering care of excellence. Scientific and technical knowledge allow the nurse, in collaboration with the patient, to promote a healthy life with the maximum quality possible.”

Nurse Alexandra Belchior, Coordinator of the Nursing Team
at the CCC

Coordinator of the Nursing Team at the CCC
Alexandra Belchior

Nursing Team

Ana Lúcia Barreto

Ana Batista

João Carregoso

Ana Rita Correia

Ângela Correia

Leonor Bastos

Marta Bello

Anibal Vaz Brito

Gonçalo Cabral

Joana Calhau

Diana Carvalho

Daniela Dias

Vânia Dias

Diana Franco

Elda Freitas

Lara Guerra

Inês Inocêncio

Daniela Lopes

Joana Miranda

Rodrigo Pacheco

Susana Pedro

Patrícia Cortez Pinto

Fernanda Relveiro

Emilia Rito

Tiago Santos

Tatiana Vasconcelos

Prof. António Parreira, Clinical Director