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Radiation oncology

High energy radiation beams can be used to target and destroy cancerous cells. Many patients will receive radiotherapy as part of their treatment plan with this often being the sole form of therapy required.

The CCC’s radiation oncologists are experienced in the development and utilisation of the most state-of-the-art forms of radiotherapy. In particular the CCC uses one of the most advanced platforms for the implementation of image guided radiotherapy (IGRT).  The CCC is one of the few centres worldwide currently with the expertise and equipment necessary to offer this cutting-edge procedure. IGRT is able to image the patient’s organs while simultaneously focusing high intensity radiation on the tumour. This form of treatment allows for highly accurate placement of the radiation beam to fight tumours and metastasis, while vastly reducing the risk to healthy tissue. In this way, IGRT permits “single dose” radiotherapy (SD-IGRT), where eligible patients can be treated in only a single session. The mechanism of tumour ablation by these ultra-high dose exposures differs from the mechanism operating in traditional radiotherapy and has the potential to lead to a vast improvement in the ability to treat cancer. 

The application of this technique is subject to consultation with our team of specialists to see if the disease under consideration is suitable for SD-IGRT treatment. The advanced radiotherapy techniques used at the CCC were developed at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in the USA by Dr. Zvi Fuks, Director of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown. 

In order to further advance its vision of high precision IGRT in cancer treatment, the Champalimaud Clinical Centre stays at the forefront of technological developments to offer the latest tools designed to boost clinical outcome. In 2014 the CCC became the first site in the world to receive and utilise the latest four-dimensional (4D) treatment system, enabling the adjustment of tumour targeting based on real-time tumour location data acquired during the treatment process. The way this technology is utilised at the CCC represents a significant step forward in radiation oncology, offering considerable benefits to the patient in terms of both treatment outcome and patient comfort. Due to its outstanding clinical expertise and experience, the CCC's radiation oncology team, led by Prof. Carlo Greco, has become one of the foremost international centres for advanced radiation oncology training, as well as one of the leaders in the development of new tools and techniques.

We also offer conventional fractionated radiotherapy, where the radiation is delivered to the tumour over a course of several individual sessions, and our experienced team of radiotherapists always identify the most appropriate and effective form of radiation treatment for each individual patient. We continually strive to bring radiotherapy to the patient in the most comfortable, the most cost-effective and the most rapid way possible.

Our Team:

Prof. Carlo Greco

Dr. Nuno Pimentel

Dr. Marco Possanzini

Dr. Oriol Parés

Dr. Luís Vasco Louro 

Dr. Javier Morales

Dra. Beatriz Nunes

Paulo Ferreira (Physicist)

Sandra Vieira (Physicist)

Joep Stroom (Physicist)

Dalila Mateus (Physicist)

Prof. Carlo Greco, The Champalimaud Centre's Director of  Clinical Research, Director of Radiotherapy, and a world-leader in SD-IGRT.