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The Champalimaud Clinical Centre offers a unique area for applying the most advanced forms of systemic therapy, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and hormonal therapy.

The unique environment of the Day Hospital, comprising 32 discreet treatment booths, is designed to eliminate as much of the physical and mental stress from cancer therapy as possible. To this end, the CCC offers an unrivalled treatment environment in which the majority of patients are able to receive their course of treatment as out-patients. Patients have the option of receiving treatment outside in the Day Hospital’s beautiful outdoor garden, designed to promote peace, tranquillity and well-being. Even inside, all treatment areas are designed so as to face one of our gardens. Each of our treatment booths contains a high-quality, purpose-designed chair to ensure that patients receive treatment in a state of optimal comfort, with cable television and wireless internet available. With a focus on convenience and comfort, our Day Hospital makes sure that the patient can keep their belongings within easy reach during the treatment process. Space is also available for the patient to be joined in comfort by a partner, family member or friend.

The CCC’s pharmacy is fully equipped for the manipulation and preparation of all pharmaceuticals required for treatment in the Day Hospital. Our Pharmacy Department aims to ensure that all medication given to our patients meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy. Our pharmacists keep fully up-to-date on emerging technologies in the field to make sure that the best medication and care is offered to our patients.

Our Team:

Prof. António Parreira

Dra. Fátima Cardoso

Dr. Carlos Carvalho

Dr. Nuno Gil

Dra. Berta Sousa

Dra. Joana Ribeiro

Patients in the CCC's Day Hospital receive treatment in a peaceful and private environment with garden views.  

The individual treatment booths are purpose-designed to ensure maximum comfort for the patient and their family members. 

The CCC offers the use of an "Ice Cap" to minimise hair loss due to treatment.