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The pathology work of the CCC is the cornerstone of our diagnostic procedure. Our pathologists are concerned with the characterisation of disease and the evaluation of prognostic indicators, and their work is based around the three core areas of diagnosis, research and education.

In modern oncology, the spectrum of pathology runs from conventional morphological analysis to the study biological biomarkers based on diverse and highly sophisticated technology ranging from flow cytometry and cytogenetics to the interpretation of data taken from genomic and proteomic analysis.

Pathology forms a fundamental link between cancer research and patient management as well acting as the interface between clinical and basic research. Our pathologists are actively involved in research projects designed to improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

Our Team:

Prof. António Lopez Beltran

Dr. Carlos Cordon-Cardo

Dra. Maria José Brito

Dra. Anna Colomer

Dra. Rita Canas Marques

Dra. Delfina Brito

Dr. Carlos Cordon-Cardo: internationally renowned physician, cancer researcher, and the CCC's Director of Pathology.