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Metastasis Unit

In oncologic disease it is generally not the primary tumour which causes mortality but the metastasis which can follow it. The CCC considers the metastatic process to be one of the most pressing areas of concern in oncology and we are committed to supporting the research, prevention and treatment of metastatic disease.

An indepth understanding and study of the metastatic process according to the initial tumour and organs involved is crucial to designing effective treatment plans and devising improved forms of early diagnosis. At the CCC we are involved in developing metastatic research to find the most effective ways to recognise and, if possible, stop this process. In addition, the Champalimaud Metastasis Programme, hosted at Princeton and Cornell Universities in the USA, has been active since 2009 in investigating metastasis with a view to making breakthroughs which can be brought into a clinical setting. Our activities in researching and treating metastasis are supported by our efforts in active surveillance to ensure that we are able to monitor and treat oncologic disease effectively. 

Through our work in this area we continually strive to improve the quality and duration of the lives of our patients. The CCC is committed to improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer from the beginning to the end – from early diagnosis to fighting metastasis.