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Home Care Unit

The care that you need in the place where you feel most comfortable

At the Champalimaud Clinical Centre we can take our high quality care directly to the patient through our Home Care Unit.

With the comfort and well-being of our patients always in mind, our experienced and highly qualified team of professionals allows the continuation of the necessary health care in your home. These professionals provide an extension of the CCC’s multidisciplinary units, providing a technical and personalised support which is permanently available. This unit also integrates into the overall work of the Centre by supporting programmes of innovation and investigation designed to improve patient care and improve clinical outcomes.

Each personalised treatment plan defines specialists who follow each clinical case and provides teams which, when possible, are available to provide all necessary requirements so that the patient can receive treatment at home without the need of internment. In this way, the unit offers an integral support which covers situations from post-surgical recovery and the administration of medication, to support measures such as palliative care when demanded by the clinical situation.

Our main priority is the well-being of the patient and their family, the teams are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We are there whenever you need us.


Doctors and nurses available 24 hours per day.

All equipment and technical support for home care provided.

Daily personal hygiene support

Psychological support




The CCC’s Home Care Team operates in an area of 100km2 from the Champalimaud Clinical Centre.


T (+351) 210 480 048

Email: unidadeclinicadomiciliaria@fundacaochampalimaud.pt

Home Care Unit:

Dra. Ângela Castro Lopes (Internal medicine)

Dra. Joana Goulão (Internal medicine)

Daniela Dias (Nursing)

Inês Inocêncio (Nursing)

Paula Rodrigues (Operational assistant)

Rute Fonseca (Operational assistant)

Marília Santinhos (Operational assistant)

Ana Maria Pereira (Administrative assistant)

Doutora Luzia Travado (Psycho-oncology)

Sofia Valentim (Physiotherapy)

The Champalimaud Clinical Centre Home Care Unit was acknowledge by ESMO as a Designated Centre of Integrated Oncology and Palliative Care.