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Cancer is one of the most prevalent medical problems of modern times. Every year around 8 million people die from cancer and the number of new cases diagnosed has risen dramatically in recent decades, making cancer one of the deadliest diseases worldwide. Genetics plays an important role in the likelihood of developing certain types of cancer but this is combined with risk factors associated to lifestyle, such as tobacco, obesity, poor diet or sedentary lifestyle.

The increased incidence of cancer in its different forms affects the patient physically and psychologically. A multidisciplinary approach to treating the disease is therefore required, as well as a strong focus on research designed to find new and improved forms of diagnosis and treatment.

At the Champalimaud Clinical Centre we are leaders in the research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our multidisciplinary Disease Management Teams personalise the service offered to each patient in order to achieve the best possible results. Our Risk Assessment and Early Diagnosis Programme is designed to improve quality of life and clinical outcome by identifying cancer in its initial stages.

Likewise, our active surveillance and focus on the research and prevention of the metastatic process strive to stop the spread of the disease.

Throughout all our programmes, services and units we utilise the most advanced equipment and techniques, together with strong research programmes and clinical trials, to offer the highest possible quality of clinical care and achieve breakthroughs in the treatment of oncologic disease.