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Risk Assessment and Early Diagnosis Unit

Screening is an important part of our early diagnosis programmes

The Champalimaud Clinical Centre (CCC) strives to be a leader in cancer diagnosis, treatment and research, thereby making a significant contribution to its cure. In so doing, the CCC focuses on personalised treatment which can achieve improved levels of efficiency in disease control, survival and quality of life.

Early diagnosis is the cornerstone of the cure. The CCC’s Early Diagnosis Centre offers a complete evaluation of risk and early diagnosis.

We provide a model of personalised medicine and we offer initial consultations at the Centre which pay close attention to the individual’s gender, age, lifestyle, medical history, and genetic risks in order to identify the most significant risk factors. According to this initial preliminary evaluation we may then propose a set of actions, including consultations with specialists and/or medical examinations, specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual.

A follow-up consultation with the same doctor is then arranged to discuss the results and begin to devise an action plan based around the individual’s personal risk factors. This plan may involve lifestyle advice and/or regular medical examinations. Our Early Diagnosis Centre is then active in following each case to ensure that those with high risk factors are encouraged to undergo regular screenings and control measures to ensure early diagnosis and better clinical outcome if an oncologic disease is eventually detected.

Whenever possible we strive to actively prevent cancer or diagnose it in its early stages in order to provide successful clinical treatment and quality of life.

Risk Assessment and Early Diagnosis Unit Team:

Dr. Frederico Silveira Machado (Internal medicine)

Dra. Celeste Alves (Radiology)

Prof. Sérgio Castedo (Genetics)

Dra. Ana Fidalgo (Dermatology)

Dr. Paulo Fidalgo (Gastroenterology)

Dr. Luís Vasco Louro (Radiation oncology)

Dr. Rogério Matos (Pulmonology)

Dr. Henrique Nabais (Gynaecology)

Dra. Catarina Sousa Guerreiro (Nutrition)